CEO & Founder, Sales Partner, Brand Champion

A sales professional out of the ordinary, fully dedicated to helping emerging brands establish and grow in a perpetually changing marketplace.

My career in the natural and organic space began in 2007 and gained momentum over a decade through meaningful partnerships with impactful brands. With intention rooted in care and curiosity, I find opportunities to represent the most thoughtful and special products, and to partner with brands I am proud to sell.

Bigfoot’s focus is on ethics, building and nurturing relationships, loving-kindness, creative story-telling, while simultaneously increasing your bottom line. You can count on me to support, protect and educate around your company as if it were my own.

I am a solution finder. I am a rock. I am the late-night-phone-call-taking, let's make this happen partner that every growing business needs. I will be your voice and I'll sing your song.

We can win together.